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BratGirlmedia Welcomes Alastair Greene

Amy Brat

So here I am getting a lesson in “cool" from Alastair Greene (Alan Parsons Band and Alastair Greene Band), wearing his shades... Did I pass??? And why does he still look cool in MY glasses! You’ll be seeing a lot more of Alastair from me in the coming months, as the Alastair Greene Band has a very cool new rockin’ Blues CD “TROUBLE AT YOUR DOOR” coming out on Eclecto Groove Records (Delta Groove Productions) on June 17th!! (Links below) The first 2 reviews JUST came out and they’re GREAT! 

I first met Alastair last year in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge (IBC), and again on my way home from the Blues Music Awards a few weeks ago when he was here in Chicago with the Alan Parsons Live Project. I missed the AP concert but I got to meet the band and make some new friends! Alastair has been touring with Alan Parsons for several years as lead guitar and vocals. Not a bad gig!! A lot of you already know Alastair because he’s a big blues geek like the rest of us. We have MANY friends in common! If you don’t know him yet, GO MAKE FRIENDS! Here’s his Music Page on Facebook…. Alastair Greene and website links… ECLECTO GROOVE  -  AMAZON  -  iTUNES  -